Website Design Tools Which You Should Definitely Try Out

Designing a website is a task which includes great creative skills and technical knowledge. But with the introduction of some amazing web design tools, the lives of website developers has become a lot easier. By using these web design tools now website designers now can create more efficient prototypes for their clients.

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In the year 2016, a lot of web design tools have emerged which can prove to be vital for website designers. So let us have a look at these tools.


Atomic is a tool which allows you to create a design on both PCs and Macs and then shares them on a wide range of devices for viewing them. This can prove to be great for showing your clients your mockups or sending an overview to your developer of what you want them to create.

By using some collaborative abilities of Atomic, you can quickly spin out a framework and then send it to your client for approval.


Avocode is a tool which majorly aims to create a bridge between developers and designers. By using this web design tool you can easily transfer your Sketch designs and Photoshop into Avocode by keeping all the layers and elements intact.

So if you are a front-end developer and is looking for a simpler and easier way to get your work over to your back-end coders, then Avocode can prove to be perfect for the task.

So all these web design tools are the tools which every web developer must try out at least for once. As these tools can prove to be vital in making their task easier and can bring out great results.


Shopping Online? Tips To Save Money

Shopping online is the new trend out. It helps people to shop at a comparatively lesser price. Moreover, you will get the best price for items as there is tough competition among different stores. Online stores even come up with sale offers which help people to buy items at discounted rates. Still there are some more money saving ways which you can make use to save while shopping online.

Look for hot coupon deals

You can find fresh coupons at online voucher shops when looking for deals. The only drawback of coupons found this way is that they does not last long. So you have to keep a track of them and use them on time. You may either win a free shipping or a money off offer with these coupons.

Go for auction sites

There are a number of sites where you can find products at the cheapest price. Just enter the keyword and search for products in your price range. You can even find second-hand products at such sites. Just check the complete description before you bid for second-hand products.

Create an account at a retailer

While visiting online stores, you must have seen that many stores offer a good discount when you sign up and shop for the first time. Discounts can range from 10- 20% discount. So if you have plans to shop good, better sign up and shop for everything you want. This way you will be able to save good. It is not at all necessary for you to shop again unless and until you find an interesting deal.

Stack deals

Many people believe that they can only use a single voucher at a time while shopping. It is not the situation everywhere and everytime. You can use more than one voucher while shopping and reap double benefits. The only thing you need to know is to stack the coupons in the right way. If you are not good at that still you will be making a decent discount.

Go for flash sales

Most of the retail and designer stores conduct a flash sale. This sale is only available for the customers who have a membership with the store. So join the club and get notified about such sale. Such sale only lasts for a day or two. So you will have to hurry up if you happen to find one.

It is true that there are much more ways to save money while shopping online. But if you are new to such savings idea, better start off with these tips. You will surely find some amazing deals.


Did You Know? Facts About Grey’s Anatomy

10 years ago, when the show Grey’s Anatomy had made its first debut on the television, its writer Shonda Rhimes must have never thought in her wildest dream that this show will become one of the greatest hits of all time. Shonda has written other shows also such as Private Practice, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, but she will remain immortal in the TV industry just because of Grey’s Anatomy. 10 years before who must have thought that a surgical TV serial can be a very big hit.

But today also, there are some aspects of this show which are still unknown to the audience. So let us have a look at the unknown stories about this show.

The Show Consists A Broadway Blood

Its surprising to know that Sara Ramirez before hitting to Seattle Grace was actually on Broadway. She had starred as The Lady Of The Lake in Spamalot which won her the Tony Award for the Best Featured Actress in a Musical.

Seattle Is Not Where It Is Filmed

The plot of the story is said to be of Seattle but the show was not actually filmed in a hospital in Seattle. Most of the TV series was filmed on a soundstage in Los Angeles.

Karev Was Not In The Original Cast

Alex Karev was not a part of the original plot. He was later on added by the producers on a second thought of adding another male character to which hung out with George O’ Malley in order to balance out all the girls. This is the reason why they added Justin Chambers after the episode was filmed.

Shonda Rhimes Loves Medical Shows

Since the show was on air everyone had a question: what clicked in the mind of the writer Rhimes for the show? It’s simple, all it was her love of watching a large number of surgery shows on the TV.

Isaiah Washington Can Now Likely Operate Someone

If we talk about dedication towards work, Isaiah Washington aka Dr. Preston Bruke is the best example of this. He had literally learned all the surgeries which he had to perform in every episode before he had filmed them.

“Va-Jay-Jay” Was Borrowed By Shonda

The word “va-jay-jay” was added into the script by Rhimes after hearing it from her assistants saying the word on the set. But why she used it? ABC said that she was using the word “vagina” very often.

A Cast Member Was Born In A Kit

Kevin McKidd who plays the character named Owen Hunt in the series is by birth a Scottish. The accent which he has sported in the films Maid of Honor and in Grey’s Anatomy is his real speaking voice.

Jesse Williams I An A+

Jesse Williams aka Jackson Avery had attended the Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was a high school teacher before making it big in acting.