Amazing TV Shows Which Are On-Air In 2016

Amazing TV Shows Which Are On-Air In 2016

This year has been a small-screen gold rush so far right from low-key comedies to mega-glitz miniseries. So let's take a bow to all the best TV shows which are being broadcast in 2016.

The Americans

It is definitely ridiculous to call it a high-tension season, as it has always a relaxing do-it-yourself dental surgery show. The story is about a suburban couple who are in their 80’s and are living a secret double life as Soviet spies. The show majorly focuses on their day-to-day incidents which happen in their lives such as gruesome killing which happens in the airport shuttle bus while a passenger is sitting with her Walkman cranking.

Broad City

This show revolves around the lives of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer who take on some delicate issues of their lives all by themselves such as how to get period gets unexpectedly on a plane and even some very delicate issues such as how to snuggle with Hilary Clinton.

This romantic drama has been all time sensation among every type of viewer.

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

If you are a fan of fake news comedy rage then you should definitely watch this show. This show is hosted by Samantha Bee and is broadcast every Monday night.

The major reason why people love this show is the talent of Samantha and how she savagely turns non-funny topics into hilarious ones.

If you have not watched all these shows then what are you waiting for, grab your remotes, glue yourself to the TV sets and watch all these shows

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by Donald Vyoung